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Ezra-k is a distinguished product of YPH. From today, I will lead you to wander off the beaten road and explore the amazing world of Ezra-k.

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Dramatic effect when Ezra-k is used by foliar spraying

Foliar spraying of EZRA-K is an excellent way to provide a supplement of P and K to the crop.

EZRA-K is an excellent potassium source, as K is readily absorbed and is highly mobile in plant tissue. Phosphorus is absorbed more slowly, but it is also mobile and is transported rapidly to the plant organs with high demand.

The rapid absorption of phosphorous and potassium by the leaf tissues, and their excellent mobility within the tissues, as well as the environmental safety and rich nutrient value of EZRA-K, make this an ideal foliar fertilizer. Also, the low salt index of EZRA-K ensures that there is no scorching or burning of the leaves, at the recommended doses.


      Foliar application of EZRA-K can be targeted to a particular stage of crop development, in order to achieve specific objectives.

Phosphorus action

At the 4- to 6-leaf stage, as a starter for enhanced root development and establishment of seedlings.

At the pre-flowering stage, to enhance the vigor of shoots and flowers.

At the fruit formation stage, to improve fruit hardiness and shelf life.

At the post-harvest stage (in orchards), to strengthen the plant for the following bloom, reload it with nutrients and to provide cold hardiness (low temperature stress).

Potassium action

At the pre-flowering stage, to increase plant vigor.

At the flowering and fruit formation stages, to improve fruit yield, and quality with regard to color, size, sugar-acid ratio, and to ensure uniform fruit ripening and improved shelf life.

Note: The amounts of nutrients which plants can absorb via foliar application, is limited, and generally is much less than their total nutrient requirements. Thus, foliar application is supplementary to and cannot replace basal fertilization.


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